$3,000 Traditional Prize

The Traditional Prize will be awarded to a photographer, editor, curator, or publisher whose book is commercially produced and distributed.  



Single Author: Mark Peterson, Political Theatre, Steidl - WINNER

Exhibition Catalogue: Magnum Manifesto, Thames & Hudson

Exhibition Catalogue: Slides. The History of Projected Photography, Musée de l'Elysée & Editions Noir sur Blanc, Lausanne

First: Zackary Canepari, REX, Contrasto

First: Paula Bronstein, Afghanistan: Between Hope and Fear, University of Texas Press

Intersectional: Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb, Slant Rhymes, La Fabrica

Limited Edition: KINO Seido, Touch the forest, touched by the forest., Akaaka Art Publishing Inc.

Multi-Artist: Photographers of Dronestagram, Dronescapes, Thames & Hudson

Multi-Author: Power to the People: The World of the Black Panthers, Abrams Books

Other: Tom Atwood, Kings & Queens in Their Castles, Damiani

Proposal: Chi-Kwon Choi, The Truth

Prototype: Peter Steinhauer, Cocoons, Powerhouse Books

Self-Published: Ellen Korth, Charkow

Single Author: Peter Bauza, Copacabana Palace, Edition Lammerhuber



$2,000 Independent Prize

The Independent Prize will be awarded to a photographer, editor, curator, or publisher whose book is published and distributed independently.  



Self-Published: Tianqiutao Chen, The Last Post - WINNER (TIED) 

Self-Published: Amy Elkins, Black is the Day, Black is the Night- WINNER (TIED)

Exhibition Catalogue: Jo Ann Chaus, Sweetie & Hansom, Self-Published

First: Zora Murff, Corrections, Aint-Bad Editions

Handmade: Shawn Bush, A Golden State, Self-Published

Intersectional: Barry Stone, Daily, In A Nimble Sea, Silas Finch

Limited Edition: Matt Eich, I Love You, I'm Leaving, ceiba editions

Multi-Artist: TBW Books Series No. 5, TBW Books

Multi-Author: Frank Cancian, Lacedonia: An Italian Town, 1957, Self-Published

Proposal: Alex Oliver, WILDE DOGS - The rules of life according to Oscar Wilde

Prototype: Kris Vervaeke, House Full of Gold

Reissue: Nicolo´ Degiorgis, PEAK, Rorhof

Self-Published: Kyrre Lien, The Internet Warriors

Single Author: Sascha Kraus, Forthright - Stronger than a weapon, Forthright Publishing 

Single Author: Fran Antmann, Maya Healers: A Thousand Dreams, Nirala Publications

Zine: Zackary Canepari, When I step in the light, I shine.